We have the people, the properties, and the pizzazz to become a powerful wealth creator through a “Sassy” approach that will drive new discoveries in 2022 and beyond.


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March 4, 2022
March 3, 2022

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Why Invest in Sassy?

Dynamic Leadership.

CEO Mark Scott, who most recently was VP Vale Canada and Head of Vale’s Manitoba Operations, has assembled an all-star team of proven winners in exploration, mining, and the capital markets.

Share Structure.

With only 45 million shares outstanding after raises at increasing prices since its inception, Sassy has a highly favorable share structure vs. its peers while offering liquidity to investors on the CSE and OTCQB.

Year-Round Activity.

There's no ``down time`` on the calendar for Sassy - Saskatchewan's Athabasca Basin is ideal for winter drilling to follow up on summer/early fall programs in the Eskay Camp. Exploration can be carried out year-round in Newfoundland.

Discovery Leverage.

Sassy is the only junior resource company with exploration assets covering Northwest B.C.'s Eskay Camp, Saskatchewan's Athabasca Basin, and the Central Newfoundland Gold Belt - three world class investor-friendly mining districts.

Financial Strength.

Sassy has not had to carry out a financing since raising $4.5 million (90 cents hard dollar, $1.25 flow-through) in late 2020. The Company also owns approximately 44 million shares of Gander Gold, 8.8 million of which will be distributed to shareholders with the date of record being Feb. 1, 2002. Sassy also owns 5 million shares of Max Power Mining which is expected to soon list on a Canadian exchange.

Market Savvy.

We take a “Sassy” approach to telling our story - we will aggressively market Sassy’s success and its brand with the aim to consistently build shareholder value.